Learn To Use Linux Commands In Bash Shell Using Online Video Tutorials

An Online Course For Beginners:

By: George K Chamoun- An Online Course Creator And Affiliate Marketer.


Welcome and thanks for taking the time to visit my site; my name is George K. Chamoun, an online course creator and affiliate marketer.

I create video tutorials on my YT channel about software and web applications I use to create content for my blogs and YT Channel.

In order to promote online courses including my own course, “Learn To Use Linux Commands…..”.  I created this website to describe those courses and to attract more students who are interested in those subjects.

So, let’s dive in and answer some of the common questions asked about my course, “Learn To Use Linux Command Line In Bash Shell“:

1-What is Linux? It is an operating system that runs on many computers with different architecture. 

2-What are Linux commands? they are instructions in the form of text keywords with modifiers used by a user to make the programs do certain tasks.    

3-What are the benefits of using Linux? Many benefits can be reached depending on what you use it for.  In my case I use it as a free operating system on my second and third computers.

 4-How can I help you here? I have created an online course that teaches you the basics of using the commands in the terminal window.  It is for beginners to get familiar with the basics.  It is easy to follow and you don’t have to be a programmer or highly technical. 

5-Why do I use Linux commands? They are fast to process, very powerful, and can be used to perform tasks that can’t be done using the Graphical User Interface. 

6-Who is this course for? For Linux Users who want to learn how to use the command line interface, and who had never used the commands before.  Also, for someone who wants to learn Linux and needs to start right away learning the commands.

7-What does the course consist of? The content includes 13 Sections that have a total of 34 chapters, most content is video tutorials.  Total duration is 3 hours and 15 minutes as of 7-21-2019.

8-How to access the course? This course is online on an educational platform that you can access using the Internet, and you can access it anytime and from anywhere where you can connect to the Internet.     

9-How much does it cost and how to buy it? You can enroll using the link below which has a 50% off the regular price.  You can obtain this discounted price through the link below:

(original price is US $99.99).

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George K. Chamoun

Date: 7-21-2019.



P.S. The above 50% price is available through three links:  The above link, a link on my YT channel, and a link for my email subscribers.  Also, this discount is not guaranteed to be available forever. I can change it anytime back to the original price of $99.99.