Why Should Windows XP Users Learn Linux?

If you want to get more flexibility, more power, more control, and save money using your computer, you will find Linux Operating system is an excellent choice to install on your Computer.

The question that might ask: I have been using Windows XP and getting all my programs and applications installed on my computer, why should I learn Linux?

The question is valid, but the fact that you are used to Windows XP should not prevent you from Learning Linux.

There are many important reasons why I learned Linux. Here are some:

1-Linux is a free operating system, you can get it free from anyone who can copy it for you Or, you can get it free when you buy a book about Linux. That is not the case with Windows XP.

2-Linux is very similar to Unix in its core. It does most functions the Unix does. You can get lots of free applications that run on Linux, unlike Windows XP where you have to buy most of its applications.

3-Linux is built, like Unix with networking, and Internet applications in mind. Remember, the Internet started using Unix servers.

4-Upgrading Linux is also free, unlike windows XP.

5-The Linux shell is very powerful, and lets you run hundreds of commands, combined with options that result in unlimited use of scripts, and customized programs capabilities. In Windows XP, you are limited to a much smaller number of commands.

6-You can run Linux from the command shell, without using a graphic user interface. You have, many option to install the whole operating system that include all programs, including graphic capability, networking applications, and more.

You can run Linux using the core operating system, which is about 350-400MBs. You don’t have this options in Windows XP installations. Any installation gives you a very limited option you have no control over any installation in Windows XP. You need at lease 1500Mbs to install Windows XP.

7-The only advantage Windows XP has over Linux is that it has more applications in the market, but as Linux gain popularity, more applications are produced. This is because Windows XP is
designed for end users. That is for people who need applications for a specific use it.

Linux design is geared towards being used as a server. Depending on what you use you computer, and how much you need to get involved in developing, you will find power, efficiency, speed, flexibility, and money saving in using Linux.

If you read the whole article, you might ask your self: Do I need To stop using Window XP if I need to install Linux on my computer?.

Do I need two computers if I need to use both? I found the solution for the above two questions. You don’t need to delete windows XP to use Linux, and you don’t need to buy another computer to install Linux.

You can install Windows XP and Linux on the same computer, to be more specific on the same Hard disk. Visit the website below to find out more on how to install Windows XP and Redhat Linux on the same computer.


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