List Of Resources I Use For My Blog & YT Video Channel:

Please note that:  the links are affiliate programs where I make commission if you use them, but this doesn’t make your price higher. You’ll will be helping me keep the blog and YT channel up and running.


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1-Which web host I use for   Siteground.

2-Domain name registrar I use. Networksolutions.

3-Website builder platform I recommend.  WordPress.

4-What operating system I use. Linux and Windows 8.1.

5-What free software I use to make screencasting. Vokoscreen.

6-What free software I use to edit videos.  Openshotvideo Editor.

7-What free software I use for document production.  Libreoffice.

8-My webcam. Logitech C270.

9-My microphones, USB and Lapel. Fifine K669 and Boya M1.

10-My USB headphones.  Logitech H390.

11-Camera. Smart phone

12-Tripods. a-Telescopic for leveled surfaces.  b-flexible for uneven surfaces. 

13-Internet Security (Protection while accessing the Internet):