Linux Commands Online Course

Experience The Power Of Linux Operating System By Learning The Basics Of Shell Commands

                                      Who is this course for?

If you are a new Linux user who wants to take your skills from the Desktop environment to using the command line interface, this course can help you with learning skills including but not limited to the following:

  • Basic administration of a Linux server.
  • Creating scripts for automating task execution.
  • Learning job scheduling using “cron” command to run at a specific time stamp.
  • Using it as a platform for programming due to the abundance of the built-in tools for software developers.

What are Some Of the Benefits of Learning Linux With The Shell Commands?

  • Linux is free for home use and both desktop and server software versions can be downloaded for free.
  • End users can use Linux Desktop for, document creation using Libreoffice, video editing using Openshot, screencasting using Vokoscreen, making vector graphics using Inkscape, and more.
  • All those software are free.
  • Software updates are available from a repository with web address built in Linux. So, you don’t have to search the Internet for different resources.  In Linux Ubuntu, you can access the software center from the activity bar in order to check and download new updates.
  • Linux operating system is very stable with high uptime; some servers run for years without restarting if the their hardware don’t break.  You can also delay restarting a Linux computer after making updates to the system.
  • Linux is very secure, so no antivirus needed since only an administrator with root privilege can install a software.  Also, Linux desktop is not as prevalent as other desktop operating sytem  
  • It is a platform for software developers and programmers of C language, Python, Perl, shell scripting for task automation.
  • Linux skills are in demand.
  • Linux can run on low resource computers. My Linux Ubuntu 18.04.3 Server at home is running using 150 Mbps as a Ram memory, and using 0.3 % CPU usage.
  • It is customizable and used for different purposes.  The Linux Kernel can be used and modified for different uses.  But, you will need proper permission from the Linux community in charge. 
  • Kernel core can be modified for use as embedded system. It is very versatile.
  • Over 90% of the 500 fastest computers in the world run some types of Linux.

Some of The Problems Linux Can Solve: 

  • You don’t need to spend money on antivirus or operating systems anymore.  Linux and all bundled software are free and is not affected by viruses and other security breaches like other systems.  But please beware that no computer is 100% immune and fully protected; there is always a risk
  • No forcing to restart right away after updates are installed.
  • Reuse old existing computer without spending money on software.
  • Use desktop for end user applications like, video editing, document production, screencasting, and more.
  • Use server edition to train at home to apply the commands you learn.


Course Content:


This course consists of Three hours recorded videos available online anytime with non-expiring access.  It is divided into 13 sections that have a total of 34 lectures.

Some of the tasks you will learn are:


Sec-1: Introduction (FREE ACCESS BEFORE YOU ENROLL-CH1 and CH2)


Ch-1: Overview


Ch-2: How to invoke the terminal window.


Sec-2: Some file and directory commands (FREE ACCESS BEFORE YOU ENROLL-CH-1 through CH-5)


Ch-1: Using commands: pwd and ls


Ch-2: Using commands: clear, cd, and date


Ch-3: How to create, move, and remove files and directories


Ch-4: How to determine file types and display text file content


Ch-5: Change user password and listing users.


Sec-3: User related commands and package installation


Ch-1: Logging as a different user with sudo command


Ch-2: How to install, remove a package. Finding command help


Ch-3: Using Internet related commands like, ping, traceroute, and more…


Sec-4: Commands for system resources


Ch-1: Finding CPU info


Ch-2: Determining Ram memory info and if it is upgradable


Ch-3: Listing details of running processes.


Sec-5: Obtaining help about commands


Ch-1: Using “man” command.


Sec-6: Searching and filtering screen output


Ch-1: Using “more” to page through output


Ch-2: Using “grep” to search output


Ch-3: Using “tar” command.


Sec-7: Using “history”, “tree”, and “find” commands


Ch-1: The “history” command for retrieving previous commands


Ch-2: The “tree” displays the file structure


Ch-3: Using “find” to locate certain files or directories.


Sec-8: How file permission works in Linux


Ch-1: Using “chmod” to change file permissions

Ch-2: Extracting files from an archived file.


Sec-9: Using Vim to Edit a text file


Ch-1: Editing files


Ch-2: Using touch, file, and cat commands


Ch-3: How to configure a network printer.


Sec-10: Networking and Internet Commands


Ch-1: Measuring Internet connection bandwidth


Ch-2: Finding network cards info.


Sec-11: Displaying Linux File system


Ch-1: Path to file and directories.

Sec-12: Introduction to Bash Shell Scripting


Ch-1: Overview of Shell Scripting


Ch-2: Script example # 1.


Sec-13: Linux Server Installation And remote SSH Setup


Ch-1: Installing Linux Ubuntu Server 18.04


Ch-2: Installing and setting up SSH services


Ch-3: Logging in to Ubuntu Server Remotely


Ch-4: Ubuntu Server 18.04 package management.


 Who Am I To Teach?

My educational background consists of a B.S. in Packaging Engineering from the Rutgers, the State University.

Courses taken online and in-class:

Sun Solaris-Unix Like Command line Operating System on Sparc computer.

Fortran 77 Programming.

Basic Web Design using webpage builder.

Self-taught software at home the basics of: Linux Operating System-Wordpress-Inkscape-Openshot-Vokoscreen.




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Course Guarantee

This course is hosted on Udemy platform, so I have to comply with the platform policy of a 30 day money back guarantee.

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When you enroll, you will gain unlimited lifetime access from anywhere you have an Internet connection. 

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