How to Create an Unlimited Number of Business Emails Using Your Web Hosting

If you want to have a professional business identity, one of the important tools you
must have are: your own website and email addresses.

Can you imagine doing business with someone who has no website or email that shows
the business name?

With the advancement of web hosting technology and the ease of use, any one can have their own website, domain name, and email that has their business name.

You can create unlimited number of email with your business name. All you need is get a web hosting account and register a domain name.

The web hosting account and the domain name can be registered in the same place. Most web hosting companies let you register a domain name.

Why you need a web hosting and domain name?
In order to have your own website, www name, and related emails, you must register a domain name and you need to get a web hosting account. The domain name registration lets you have a [].

And the web hosting account provides you a storage on a web server for your website files. Also, the web hosting company provides you with an email aliases and email storage for your email files.

You don’t have to have a website in order to create your email addresses with your web host. There are many web hosting companies on the Internet.

Once, you register a domain name and get a web hosting account, you can create your email addresses without even having a website. My first choice of web hosting is a Linux based web server with Cpanel control that enables the user modify all kinds of feature.

To create email accounts using Cpanel control panel, you log in through the main website address with /Cpanel added at the end of the domain name. Then you enter the user ID and password you receive from the web hosting account.

Now, you are at the Cpanel page, where you find about 40 icons, each has a specific function that you can use to add a function to the website.

On the top line of the control panel, you will find two icons named: “mail” and “webmail”.

The mail icon provide a menu called: “Mail Manager Main Menu”. This is where you can add delete, or modify an email account. Depending on the web hosting company, you can create a specific number of emails. Some let have 10, 100, or unlimited number of email accounts.

The Webmail is used to access the email accounts. Since each email account has a different user ID and password, the email will be private to each user.

In summary, in you can use your web hosting and domain name to create email accounts that match your business name without creating a website. You can create the website later.

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